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Thread: not so "smart reloader"!

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    not so "smart reloader"!

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    After 3 inertia hammers, breaking one, two blocks of wood and a table top I gave up and purchased a collet puller.

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    I'm on my third one too. They don't seem fit for purpose.
    I am using a block of lead to strike on and this seems to help.

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    As one of natures 'goofers' I've used mine on a 'more than occassional' basis since I got one. No idea when that was, but probably 10 years plus. Its green plastic - so thinking RCBS?

    All that said, there is something rather counter intuitive about belting a live round quite hard and repeatedly. The collet type puller has great appeal!
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    same as my hammer lasted for less than 20 bullets.waste of money.i think they work better on bigger calibres with heavy bullets not so good on a 20 cal or 17 rem

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    I have the rcbs one, been ok so far, touching wood as we speak..

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    I have had it a couple of years and it works well on bigger cases, used it on 270 and 243
    this died when I tried to pull some .222 loads!

    irritating as it the least likely part to crack or smash

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    My kinetic hammer is at least 23 years old and is RCBS. Three years ago a bought a pack of 4 aluminium case gripper inserts for £3 from the Dutchman at the phoenix meeting because I thought the original was about to break but is still going strong. Do you think I can get a refund on my £3.
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    Bewsher, you sure you've been using it the right way around?

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    My RCBS is around 15yrs old now.....still doing ok with it when req'd....hope it doesn't break now
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