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Thread: Stalking with my good friends.

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    Stalking with my good friends.

    Well time for my annual trip down into Herefordshire to meet Wayne and Andy.
    Difference this time Richard could not make it so I took Rhys my right hand man off my game shoot and newly into stalking though he's mad keen on foxing.
    Well he would stalk with Wayne and me with Andy so that we could conduct a dsc2 stalk or two. I would carry my rifle also and if the stalk turned into something special I would be allowed to take over and carry out the stalk terminating Andys attempt.
    Well day one Andy stalked us into and took a nice fallow doe which I witnessed and asked the questions and even had time to do the simulated wounded deer. The questions were asked and the paperwork conducted after breakfast.
    In the evenig we would go for Fallow on his regular grounds. To cut a long story short the deer never showed and shots rang out from the woods below us, there was a quad heard and then some 20 deer ran out and bolted into the centre of the guys shoot. We would return in the morning.
    Chinese supper and a beer before bed and an early start in the morning.
    We returned before light and rhys wayne and max would stalk the low woods Andy followed by myself would stalk the higher ground.
    Andy set off and I was asking the usual basic questions. Only 10minutes in he spotted 17 fallow but with no backstop and not good for the wind.
    He suggested we backed away and went around to re-aquire them. I followed closely as we made good time. In the half light he spotted a great buck and youngster heading our way. He said John that bucks for you. But Andy that pricket will do for your dsc....."Feck that" he said "take it".
    Well I didn't need telling twice. The buck was now 175m's away and sniffing the air. I was already knelt on my sticks and aiming the rifle. I said "Andy he's not stood broadside and he's going to bolt Im going to neck him" I awaited an answer. Nothing so I squeesed off the shot the buck collapsed. The 160gr bullet snapping his neck. Andy said "take the pricket" but he never gave me chance.
    Andy had not heard my statement as he had his fingers pressed into his ear braked rem mag is no pussy cat.
    Well what a buck.

    Wayne had contacted fallow and a shot was on but rhys as a guest erred on caution and took a little longer to ensure his aim was good, the fallow bounced just before the trigger was squeezed enough.
    I later went on to shoot a fallow doe freehand at 60m's

    Andy gralloched this and the big buck closely watched over by me.
    Well before Wayne arrived with the quad 2 of the does re-emerged out of the woodland.
    So we stalked in and andy took a follower. Well this was getting to be a rollercoaster ride.
    In the evening it would be muntjac and from high seats. Andy would stalk me into my position then go off to a seat further down the wood. As we crept in I was constantly questioning him as this might be useful at a later date. Well he spotted a munty near my seat but as the ground slopped no shot was available. We watched and as it hammered away at a pheasant feeder he opted to go for the seat. This we did and when it went around the back of the feeder he slipped into the seat. I stayed at its base and observred things from there. Eventually it came back around and he shot that. Only 4p.m. so there was chance to do this for the dsc2 and i could still get to a seat for last light. This I did and I saw a nice wee munty buck on last knockings. My 7mm rem mag (I'd asked them if it was ok) barked out and the buck never kicked once.
    Well I was capped, not only getting Andys stalks sorted and getting some myself.

    Well on returning rhys had shot 2 and stu 1 so we had a great result.
    They were the first muntys rhys had ever seen and both boxes ticked a buck and a doe.
    Now we had plenty of evidence to write up it was going to be a late night and drive back so Andy kindly offered us accomadation for another night so we could drive home in the morning. I never had a client out till monday night and i could drop the big fallow in to gary tattertons on my way home for mounting.
    A big thank you AGAIN from me and rhys.
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    Nice one mate, cracking weekend by the looks of things! How was Gary? You see my buck while you were there?
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tjwaines View Post
    Nice one mate, cracking weekend by the looks of things! How was Gary? You see my buck while you were there?
    I asked mate the capes ready but not mounted yet.

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    nice one hes a stunner,atb wayne
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    Wow what a great weekend.

    Looks like the boys done good again.

    Thats a cracking buck for around here John.

    Well done on the Muntjac as well.

    Level 2 sorted then Andy?


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    yes they did great.
    and we had plenty of evidence to complete his portpholio so its out of our hands now.

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    Nice read John nice nice looking animals there

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    Hi John,

    You are very welcome and thanks again for helping me complete my level 2.

    We had a fantastic weekend with you and Rhys and you are always welcome.

    We saw plenty of deer and all had opportunities so a very successful weekend.

    What a lovely buck though. We are all jealous.

    The one down side of doing my level 2 was being offered all the gralloching .

    Wayne told me how painful your braked 7mm was so the moment you raised your rifle my fingers were heading for my ears .

    Hi Jon,

    Just got to send portfolio off so hopefully all ok.


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    john nice write up and what a fantastic buck bet your made up with that one
    as has been said two top boys to be out with
    regards pete .

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    Hi John

    It was good to have you guy's down as always.

    He was a very nice buck for us, I'm glad you shot him mate I could see how chuffed you were with him.

    The highlight of the weekend for me was seeing Andy sweating under the pressure of his "exams"

    Stu, I wouldn't wear that jacket where there allow bear hunting

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