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    T8 reflex

    I am open for any suggestions about a new moderator my T8 is perforated and the baffles are falling apart, i am not impressed with the short time it has lasted any suggestions ?

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    I would recommend contacting the place you bought it from or Peter Jackson(think he is the importer) I have 1 which will be about 6 years old and is like new. I dry it after each outing and wd40 inside it

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    same as rem 284 suggested, i have used T8s for years and a team of guys i work with all have T8s. Dry them off and use wd40, if its new then take it back to who sold you it and it should be repaced free, good luck.

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    T8 mods have a two year warrenty. The best mod on the market is a pes t12 scout good quiet with good warrenty back up

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    T8 in my opinion is utter rubbish . . . Will never have another moderator which can't be stripped down for a proper cleaning. . . .yes it works well but dosnt last worth a toss.

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    I have 2 t8,s one 8 year old and the other 6 both still in perfect nick and well used as said before take off when I come home and a squirt of wd40 down the end is all thats required if I had to replace I would get something lighter but at the moment if it aint broke dont fix it they do the job there meant to and thats good enough for me

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