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Thread: Paramo Trail shirt replacement

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    Paramo Trail shirt replacement

    I'm looking for a shirt to replace my Paramo Trail Shirts which I have been wearing for many years now. They have to be suitable for a day on the hill or in the forest but also for general wear so something like the Buffalo just doesn't meet my needs. I wear my Paramo shirts to work as well as when stalking/fishing/walking. In fact I wear them just about everywhere. For those that don't know them they have a kind of fleecy side on one side and a more smooth side plus they don't need ironed, dry very quickly, are robust and generally last years even with everyday wear etc.

    I know the Paramo shirts are still available but Nikwax recently sent me what amounted to a Press Release from Greenpeace and I believe they and Paramo may be in some way connected (I'd love to be corrected on this if anyone knows for sure?) so there is no way either of them will be seeing any more of my money only for me to find it donated to a bunch of extremist nut jobs.

    All suggestions welcome as some of my Paramo shirts are approaching the end of their life and so replacements will be needed in the near future.
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    Have a look at Rohan they have several that may fit the bill.

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