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Thread: cull sick roe doe

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    cull sick roe doe

    shot the other day with my r93 .243, t4 mod and 30 yr old swaro 6x42 which has been refurbished with new glass and internals. a nice evening stalk with a lightweight rifle and minimal equipment. i did have rangefinder in jacket pocket just in case...

    looks like dog atack and advanced septicemia, guts were rancid, when i hung it for suspended gralloch brown liquid poured from its mouth, intestinal contents were not normal.

    spotted and taken from a group of 6, didnt spot the limp, its behavour gave it away (different state of awareness than others in group)

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    Hi Gary, I had a very similer thing with a Sika spiker a few months ago. Just curled up in the grass and walked straight upto it and dispatched it. Like you mention the guts were rancid and everything full of liquid.

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    shot a fallow buck just before christmas lying with his head stretched out thought it was dead until at twenty yards it blinked, after dispatching it one back leg was bare to the bone with maggots didnt get as far as a gralloch.I think it was a dog as it happens a lot in my area.

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