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Thread: Which boning knife?

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    Which boning knife?

    Hi all

    Apologies if this has been done before but I did a few searches and they didn't really throw up the answer I was after. Basically I'm looking to get a boning knife (for roe butchery) and wondered what shape/size to get? I see that the Victorinox ones are recommended by quite a few people, but looking online - - there seem to be all kinds of lengths/flexibilities/curvyness, 4 pages of them! Could anyone please point me in the right direction? My guess is that one of the 5 or 6 inch curved, narrow, flexible ones would be ideal but I could be completely wrong.

    Any help much appreciated!


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    Victorinox 6" wide blade & a 6" curved blade will do the job.

    a 10" wide tip steaking knife

    also a proper bone saw and a good quality steel.

    Heavy cleaver also nice for chops but not essential.

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    Victorinox or frost 5 or 6 inch blade was advised by a pro butcher I know when we discussed this last week

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    The 5 inch knives are perfect for every size of deer. The bigger ones are for cattle etc.

    Suggest you get a 5 inch narrow blade 5620312, and a maybe also a standard straight blade 5600312.

    The curved blades are not particularly useful. They are designed for speed, in a production environment.

    The flexible blades ??? Don't understand what they might be for.

    Go to Victorinox Knives | Butchers Knives | Chefs Knives | Pen Knives and you will find a useful description of these knives, and their uses.

    A steak knife is nice to have, but if you also own some decent kitchen knives e.g. a sabattier style cooks knife, its unnecessary. A steak knife is purely for slicing up chunks of meat, once they have been removed from the bone. Very nice when cutting a steak from a slab of meat, correctly handled i.e cutting on the forward stroke it can give a glossy finish to the surface of the meat, which is attractive on the butcher's counter. Irrelevant to home butchery.

    A bone saw is useful for traditional butchery, but you can break down a beast completely without touching one. The BDS butchery DVD explains how to cut through the joins in the pelvis with a knife. Very satisfying once you know the trick.

    If you want one, buy a decent saw from e.g. A W Smith. You could start with a diy tenon saw from e.g. Wickes and TBH it will work ok.

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    The 'Best Buy' knife, according to the Which? Consumers Association, is a 'Taylor's Eyewitness Professional' - they are available online for approx. 18 depending on size and shape of the boning knife - there at least 5 options.

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    You could check out our larder product section at

    My preference is a Mora 5" Curved boning knife, we will have a large Mora display at the forthcoming Kelso Deer Fair with some great deals on combinations.


    Rob for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    Thanks to all for your help, especially sharpie for your detailed reply. The advice is much appreciated! Think I'm sorted now, cheers all

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