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Thread: To Blaser or not?

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    To Blaser or not?

    Every so often(and usually after mates have upgraded their kit) I get the urge to change some of mine. I currently have 2 deer rifles, a Sako 75 (6.5x55) and a Rem 700 (.308W). I have often said that if I was to start from scratch I would go for a Blaser R93 professional in 308W, however I can't bring myself to sell off the old rifles(with a loss) just to get the Blaser. I totally get the whole Blaser thing with its modular build and proven accuracy level but also think that they are still a bit pricey as regards scope mounts and extra barrels/22LR kit.
    I was just wondering if any other forum members have bought Blasers and then regretted it and gone back to more conventional turnbolt actions?
    I know that all rifles go bang and should kill any deer in front of them but when a die hard traditionalist like JayB takes the plunge you got to wonder.
    Dont think we'll see Muir with one though.........

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    Border - you must always keep in mind that Jayb is.... well I like to think of him as 'special'

    Try putting your Sako 6.5x55 up for sale and start counting down from 5 - that may give you an idea of other's views on that rifle.

    Seriously, rifle shooting is a brain game. Sharing views etc is what SD is all about, but all comes down to what you are happy with in your mind - if that doubt is there it will only go one of two ways!
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    Never regretted buying my blaser its smacked enough deer over this week to justify itself
    HME has one for sell on this site it come on last night an R8 top man to deal with also
    regards pete

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    To a greater extent I think that you get what you pay for and all the quality makes are expensive. When I upgraded from a very well worn S/H Voere to a S/H Blaser r93 it was because I was shooting inadequately and needed to eliminate any rifle based issues. Since then I have traded the r93 in for a new r8 which I prefer to the older design. I certainly wouldn't go back to a turnbolt having got used to the straight pull and can add new calibres when finances are available. I looked at the .22 conversion but decided to get a Cz452 instead. atb Tim

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    Quote Originally Posted by Border View Post
    I was just wondering if any other forum members have bought Blasers and then regretted it and gone back to more conventional turnbolt actions?
    Nope - sold my Sako 75 in .308, bought a Blaser in .243 then another in .308 and can't see why I'd ever go back to a turnbolt.

    Blasers have their faults, but so does any rifle....the biggest one of which is having to put up with the nay-sayers and their constant jibes of "over-engineered, over-priced, Teutonic rattle-boxes" - the problem is theirs, not yours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Border View Post
    I was just wondering if any other forum members have bought Blasers and then regretted it and gone back to more conventional turnbolt actions?
    Not at all. I agree with W-G, I now have 3 R93's and was tempted by a Sauer 202 recently but ended up buying another R93. Reference an R8, I resent the incompatibility with the R93 barrels and loss of stock/barrel flexibility with my existing guns, also don't understand the price hike given quality and accuracy comparable to R93.

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    Over the years I've had various turn bolts: .222 BSA CF2, .25-250 Lakelander, .243 Ruger No1, .243 Sako A2 (Nice), .223 Remi, 7mm RemMag Ruger stainless - it's really only the Sako I have fond memories of.

    But I now rate my synthetic stocked Blasers (Professional OR and LRS2) - they just do what they say on the tin and no faffing about. When they get wet.. take 'em apart, dry, put them back together and the 'scopes come off to go in the cabinets and over the years they've not lost zero. They shoot as well off anything be it 'pod or window or bag or rock whatever.....I don't even think about it. Need a new rifle.. just buy another barrel.

    And they're light to carry around (Apart from the LRS2!) I don't notice any recoil as they're fitted with moderators.. even with the 7mm RemMag. I've got a kick-stop butt weight but it's not fitted.

    I do still have turnbolts in a Finnfire .22 (superseded a 10/22 - did have alot of fun with that though) and a CZ452 .17HMR - these are also a joy to use and I'm just looking to go for a .20cal which is looking like it will have to be a turnbolt..... I see that Blaser now do a 204Ruger barrel for the R8 but I won't be going down that path. .so I've emailed Blaser to see if they will do an R93 barrel in a 20 calibre - preferably Tac or even Prac. (We'll see.. at least they haven't said an outright No Way yet).

    's me 5p's worth.


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    I bought an R93, it was the last rifle I bought before the great divoce giveaway sale.

    On the plus side; They are weatherproof and very durable, short and handy due to the lack of seperate chamber and really very accurate for a production rifle. They have to be just about the ideal deer managers rifle. The de-cocker is wonderful too, great if shooting in company. If you need to travel they are easy to take down and you can wander through an airport with a small suitcase that will not provoke worried glances from the general public.

    On the nay side I will admit that the Blasers have little fiddly springs on the magazines and I worried about their durability, but during my all be it brief ownership of one I had no cause to complain. And somehow they are a little souless compared to a turnbolt. I do wonder how many Blasers will be in constant use in 20 years time.

    The only rifle that I wish I had not parted with was a Sako 75 Finnlight, and I would have had that semi-customised.

    On the whole I like Blasers.


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    Die hard traditionalist! Bloody hell Toby am I? Well I did go Blaser and I have no regrets, I blame that man Macleod in Tain he tempted me. I am quite happy with them, they seem to fit me quite well and are easy to shoot, the cocking system makes them as safe as you can get. I do still have turn bolt rifles though, do it you know it makes sense

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    I think a Blaser makes and ideal rifle for someone who just wants to go stalking and who wants to make life as easy for themselves as they can. If you want to tinker or want to make your rifle your hobby then the Blaser isn't so good as there is little or nothing you can do to it and it will just work. For me the fact that it is so easy to live with is the major factor in its favour and, to be honest, you need to own it for a few years before you start to appreciate just how easy it is to travel with a Blaser, or to deal with one after a day in the driving rain. Being able to carry it through the airport in something that looks like a brief case and, when you arrive, having it easily fit in the boot of even the smallest car really makes a big difference to keeping life simple. Watch people with gun cases nearly 6 feet long try to fit 3 of them, plus their two mates and other luggage, into the Nissan Micra they hired and it isn't long before you wonder why everyone doesn't buy a Blaser. Add in the fact that mine is in a "common as muck" cartridge, 308W, and living with a rifle just doesn't get any easier.
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