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Thread: leather bullet holder

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    leather bullet holder

    does anybody know of someone that works with leather making bespoke items
    i require a bullet holder for my rpa 223 single shot with a adjustable cheek piece i have seen on here in the past items similar to the one that fit on to a belt
    just a straight piece with room for 5 bullets then two pieces for straps off each end and Velcro's used to fasten then
    got this picture in my head of what i want just need the person that understands what i am mumbling on about it may not be possible
    atb thekeeper

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    I would contact JasonH if I were you. I bought a bullet holder, sling and bolt carrier from him and they are all superb items.

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    miniwizard on here also does these sort of things...

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    Try Saddler off this site.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Leather is bad due to the verdigras (green coating) that forms on the cases if it is chrome tanned leather which almost all leather is today.
    The best solution I know of are the brown felt ones from Hubertus in Munich Germany and they cost about a tenner and last forever.
    I am happy and I have 4 of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bavarianbrit View Post
    Leather is bad due to the verdigras (green coating) that forms on the cases if it is chrome tanned leather which almost all leather is today.
    I think it's only fair to point out that the accessories I bought from JasonH are made of vegetable tanned leather if that's the correct term. Bark and mangel wurzel, that sort of thing. The technical details elude me, but they did send me a letter describing the process in the parcel.

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    Try dougster who is a member here. He is a professional and skilled leatherworker.

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    Saddler made me one a couple of weeks back just what i asked for id try him.

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    Thanks Pine Marten

    Yes all of my leather goods are handmade, hand stitched one offs. Leather is vegtable tanned so is chrome free so will not harm bullets casings etc. These items are of the highest quality with the leather being sourced from the same providers of Purdeys leather goods.



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    Hi Keeper

    I'm a full-time self-employed leatherworker...been at it over 30 years.

    I've made goods for Holland & Holland, Purdey, Beretta Gallery, Hermes, etc. etc. & the Scottish Gallery Rifle Team, Bisley shooters, etc.
    I specialise purely in shooting accessories & military reproductions.

    ALL my items are hand-sewn using traditional hides & waxed cotton thread. No chrome tanned leather used (unless I'm making aprons that require such leather)

    The Verdis-Gris formed by brass cartridges is not restricted to chrome tanned leather, it happens with veg. tanned hides too, when in contact with brass...

    Have a look at my website for more info on what I make

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