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Thread: An evening out on the Reds

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    An evening out on the Reds

    Well we decided since it was well past the 1st of July we would have an evening out to try and catch up with one of the stags we had been watching for a few weeks now. After going through the gates to the Forrestry we dropped off the rover and continued on foot for about 2 mile. After about 50 mins of walking the forrestry track we dropped off down to our right. Withing 20 mins we broke out of the tree's to a veiw like this

    We continued along the top of the wood untill we spotted a set of Antlers walking through the Bracken. Dropping down we counted 8 or 9 sets walking almost in single file. At a clearing in the Bracken they all stopped and started to feed on the heather/young grass shoots. Both myself and Andrew belly crawled into 100 yards and got set up. I singled out a nice six pointer for Andrew and he settled into the shot. A few mins later and there was a ring out followed by a thud. Andrew had just popped his stag cherry. It was down and the stags did not move of like expected :blink: . I picked out the back stag and took the shot. On reloading another round i managed to take another. The stags at this point were still in range but enough was enough.

    With the field Gralloch done we headed out for the argo. We dropped the argo off the trailer and within 25 mins we were back at the motor with 3 stags. This would normally have been a four hour drag with three of them. Its about 1000 yards of steep bank right from the bottom to the top . Ground that the Argo seems to love. Or should i say i love in the argo .

    Anyway few pics of the Stags.

    Andrews six pointer.

    The big lad i shot weighing at 98 KG dressed/hook weight.

    Good to see even my wee lad was enjoying himself (once i told him it wasnt rudolph) ^_^


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    Brilliant report mate!

    The scenery up there is something else, though I am not so fortunate as to have all that lovely heather or in fact red deer on my patch.

    Enjoyed your report and photos very much.



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    Hi auquhollie

    Great photos fella

    With four kids of my own i loved the one of your little fella pulling the head back.

    Hope the little mans got some real tight pants on i can visualise my little lads mum looking at me with the Otom in one hand and my throat in the other

    Great life for your youngun to grow up in



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    Oh lets not even go there she would have a hairy fitt . I would much rather my kids (all four of them) be brought up doing this with there dad than be hanging about outside the local shops with a gang of kids. It was the way i was brought up and i loved every minute of it.


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    Looks like the wee lad is getting some practise in for his first motor bike !
    "RED county choppers "

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    nice pics/ write up 8) wee lad pulling a wheelie

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