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Thread: ThermaCELL bug repeller

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    ThermaCELL bug repeller

    Has anyone had any sucess with the Scotish Midge ?????

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    I went stalking with Sinbad and he had one last summer. A godsend in a high seat!
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    Has anyone had any sucess with the Scotish Midge ?????

    Thats how Scottish dancing evolved. The jocks jumping about trying to shake the midges "oot their kilts"

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    I did think about getting one as a chap in my syndicate has one and uses it to good effect but they will only work if its still if there is a slight breeze the vapour ends up nowhere near you . It worked when i saw it ,atb wayne
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    I used one last Summer and thought it very good. I was laid in a water filled ditch watching a Buck do his thing and had it running at the side of me and i was not bothered by the Midges at all.


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    in still conditions they are a superb addition to your kit, they also provide the dog with some relief as well.
    If you are stalking in forest rides they work ok so long as you take your time.
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    i bought one when i go stalking up the highlands, total waste of time up there. got eaten alive, my twin had one to and he found it useless to. might be ok for down lower in the uk

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    They seem to work quite well in a static situation but they are expensive to run; needless to say someone has worked out how to refill the butane cartridges but you still have to but repellent-impregnated pads. There is a holster available for the device but they tell you not to wear it!

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    Yes... I can confirm they work... takes about 20-30 mins to clear an area of midge and only any good if there is a light (or no breeze).. any more and it won't work but then, any more and the breeze SHOULD help to keep the buggars away anyway...

    late last summer, I was sat in my favourite ambush point, under a tree canopy and the little blighters were everywhere.. I was covered in Smidge so they weren't biting but it got to the point where I had to seal up completely.. net, gloves, everything zipped right up.... just what you DON'T want whenit's warm and muggy with little in the way of breeze...

    Set the thermacell running 2-3 feet away from me making sure i was down wind of it and completely forgot about it... about half an hour later I realised there were no midge and so off came the net, the gloves etc.. and then I remembered the Thermacell... when I was packing up I shut it down and within minutes a few reapeared..

    Very cheap too if you can find a deal.. I paid 13 for mine through Amazon 2 years ago and got a bulk pack of refils (gas & tablets) for 10 IIRC

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