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Thread: Wanted .222 rifle (Tikka if possible)

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    Wanted .222 rifle (Tikka if possible)

    Good Afternoon,

    I am looking for a used .222 rifle at a reasonable price. Possibly a Tikka rifle.

    Please PM me if you know of anyone or have a rifle for sale.



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    there was a sako A1 in .222 in durham on here a little while back

    didnt sell as far as I know
    quick search on here or BBS (I also saw it there)

    good luck

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    I have a friend selling a Tikka T3 Lite .222 with moderator in very good order. I'll chech he still has it and get a price if you're interested.


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    They're not cheap are they!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dodgyrog View Post
    They're not cheap are they!
    Worth the money though IMO

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    Many thanks to you all, I've now purchased a rifle.

    Thanks for the input above.

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