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Thread: Whos brave enough to chop their stock?!

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    Whos brave enough to chop their stock?!

    Ive been thinking a lot about stocks and cheek weld vs eye height with 56mm scopes. changing mounts isnt an option and changing stocks on both rifles would be prohibitively expensive.. I see on fleabay you can buy the kit to convert your stock into an adjustable cheekpiece but who would you get to butcher your McMillan stock?! Are they solid in the butt (finah finah!) or are they some sort of sandwich construction?!

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    i believe there hollow with a backfill material is dependant on stock style ie standard, magnum, edge ect....

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    Tom D did a good job of making a raised stock cheek piece with Suguru.

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    One is a sako varmint and the other is a rem hunter.. If they were hollow, suppose theres no reason why you couldnt fill them?

    Sugru is cool stuff, just not my preferred option for this particular problem..

    Im planning on having a Joe West stock made for one rifle but looking for a cheaper option that is better than the neoprene comb raisers i currently use..

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    thay are filled with a polmer like expfoam stuff. my mate cut his and ended filling then holes with resin best put an Aim pad for 25 ISH AND SAVE THE HASSEL

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    If it was me I'd go this way,

    cheap ish and less to go wrong.

    hope this helps,


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    Quote Originally Posted by night stalker View Post
    If it was me I'd go this way,

    cheap ish and less to go wrong.

    hope this helps,

    Yes me too

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    Might as well have the stock made with the adjustable cheek piece in the first place. There were those Australian stocks that did this I seem to recall. Sorry I cannot recall the name as I thought they were dreadful looking things, but of course I dislike plastic stocks of any description, so only logged the minimum of details in the ole noggin.

    Have you thought of talking to he who makes these stocks on these every forums? I am sure he could knock you one up to your specific wants.

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    if anybody wants to have a go i have two stocks that are no good both have cracks where the action bolts so you can have them for practice ,atb wayne
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    I'd be interested in 1 of them mereside, be good as a practise run, to make sure actual stock doesn't get messed up!
    ​cheers james

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