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Thread: deer dog register

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    deer dog register

    just singhed up with this deer dog register, any body know anything about it ? i am always willing to help out with the dog and do when called on by frends.

    Thanks Anthony

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    I am not surprised by the fact these sorts of registers will start appearing from every where
    what does surprise me is the fact they are being launched with out any one having any idea or knowledge about them before hand
    or any info available on the site itself so it gives the site a good solid base to start with
    before expecting others to sign straight up
    but it all fits into place now , knowing who is behind this
    Just be very carefull here and find out exactly what your insurance policy covers you for , before even attempting to take a call out from such a site
    let us know how you get on , as i don't feel this is the right site for me to frequent

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    I hadn't seen this new site until I read this post.

    I have, therefore, to confess to being somewhat bemused when I made my first visit and saw the advertisers being used:

    I'm not sure the young lady on the right would be very happy knowing she was on any type of 'dog register', deer or otherwise

    In all seriousness, adverts like this wouldn't exactly fill me with confidence as to the site.


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    OK, thanks stone for your advice i will wait and see what happens, at the moment i have the BDS stalking insurance which covers me for the police RTA's in Hampshire, but as you say dont know how i would get on useing the dog and if he was to cause an accident.
    I am not going to nock it till i find out more, i just think the concept of some sort of register is a good thing and if i can help someone out with a lost deer then i will, but if things are not run correctly then its not for me.
    Hope we can meet some day as it seems you are very knowledgeable on this subject.

    regards Anthony

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    Maybe it time for tracking assesments/ tests......

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    Just had a look at the site - the picture of the nice blonde lady has gone ......?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jason
    Maybe it time for tracking assesments/ tests......
    That's just what the Deer world dose not need yet more paperwork.

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    I think stand buck may be right, too much jumping through hoops, bits of paper that don't mean much.

    Just need to get people with dogs out doing it, not talking about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stand Buck
    Quote Originally Posted by Jason
    Maybe it time for tracking assesments/ tests......
    That's just what the Deer world dose not need yet more paperwork.
    i agree with both of you here
    But we do need some sort of testing so it makes it more creditable and at the end of it all you would not want some one who has never tracked before turning up and being completely out of their depth , not fair on either party
    so a general competence test that is testing but not out of this world which does not cost the earth to get that bit of paper of acknowledgement and judge by those that hav an idea with common sense involved not just ticking box's cos officialdom says thats how it should be
    the worm is turning

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