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Thread: 243 vs deer?

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    243 vs deer?

    I've noticed that the 243 is one of the most popular deer cartridges in the UK. It is relatively popular here, but many experienced landowners/guides consider it a little weak on deer over 100lbs. I can see that roe, muntjac and CWD, all are under this size. I wonder how you rate it on sika fallow and reds? FWIW, I hunt mainly with a 7x57, but think that the 6.5x55, 260, and 7-08 would be about perfect for Brit stalking. capt david

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    It's a bit of girly calibre. Not enough for anything bigger than a roe.

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    Both my daughter and I use a .243 for Roe but anything bigger and we both agree it's .308 all the way

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    I've always wondered why Guys that think it's so good for women and kids, don't think its good enough for themselves!! capt david

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    at one time 243 was all that I had. most poeple in the UK start with it because its the minimum cal for deer and it is very good on Foxes. But the main reason is our paranoid police and pollatitions (not sure on spelling) dont like you to have a bigger caliber for some reason they think you are more dangerous as a novice with a large cal. than a smaller one.
    With my 243 I killed Red stag,hind. Fallow, Roe. with no problem atall. As time has passed I feel alot happier shooting Reds with my 30-06 or 270 win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ferretmanabu View Post
    It's a bit of girly calibre. Not enough for anything bigger than a roe.
    Absolutly do not agree.

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    Sorry Riley, you are an exception! capt david

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    Many deer stalkers in the UK also like to do a bit of fox shooting and having a .243Win means that you can conveniently buy the one rifle for both quarry whereas some bigger calibres aren't quite the thing for foxes. Big range of ammo available to suit most situations in UK.
    I think .243 is ok up to Fallow, but heavy Red and Sika stags are a bit much. There are plenty of more suitable calibres for Red/Sika.

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    Shot Roe, Munty, fallow, red and sika with a .243 (norma 100g SP) but as with any smaller calibre you have less room for bullet misplacement, especially on the bigger breeds (fallow, red) or the ever hard Sika. If your shot is off the money then things can get troublesome.

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    .243 is a great calibre for anything roe and below. .25-06 is good for fallow and .270 plus for reds.
    Just because a BASC or any other body recommend it does not mean stalkers agree about that calibre above are my idea and what i use. But plenty would disagree as agree.
    All about preference and experience with different Calibres.

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