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Thread: Deer Stalking near Edinburgh wanted

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    Deer Stalking near Edinburgh wanted


    I am looking for inexpensive deer stalking as close as possible to Edinburgh.I do not drive and need to use the stalker's/Estate's rifle.I must mention here that I am familiar with rifle shooting and hunting.I would like to go in the first two weeks of August.If some wing shooting can be added to the day that will be great. I shall be grateful to any help.Thank you.

    Best regards-


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    Nice first post....

    It would be better if you introduced yourself on the Intro section first. There are people all over this country who can help, I'm sure, but people are wary and less likley to help unless you do things the curtious way.

    Cheers and Good Luck


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    TJ said it all, there is a certain protocol to follow, you can't just jump in with a shopping list it does not work like that. Seeing as you do not drive, require the use of a rifle, and would also like to have a go at some birds it is quite a big ask. It sounds to be more in the realms of an outfitter.

    Having said that a little, or a lot, more information about you may bear fruit, you never know.


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    I can do better than that. I want free stalking, you buy the beer oh and dancing girls would be good. I dont like walking so you will have to carry me. I also need some venison. Can anyone help....ha...ha . Fab.

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    fab i would have but youve only posted 6 posts if it was 10 i would have thought about it

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    To be fair, his post was polite and he isn't asking for 'freebies' he's actually offering to put some business somebody's way and with the 'credit crunch' in full swing I thought it would have been welcomed.
    Another thing as well, as was in my case many years ago, if it was a lucky trawl that came upon this site, then as this is almost the first heading I also would have been thinking this was my lucky day and filled my boots.
    Perhaps the site protocol ought to be put as the first entry on the site!!
    Even a pm to the individual might have been a bit more sensative.
    Just my thoughts and I am not a moderator so feel free to ignore me if you wish.

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    Eddie, good points well made.

    There is a bit of a tendancy to jump on people quite hard at times here.

    As you say, the guy is only asking for a referal to a sporting agent, maybe he did not phrase it very well.

    Is one of the providers of this site not in that business?

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    Ignore this post i'm just checking how many posts I have.

    Well said Eddy, btw.

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    Forgive my indiscretion. Mia culpa. I should have posted an introduction,which I just did, before I started to post.Apologies.

    Reason I mentioned for a place close to Edinburgh is, as I do not have a car, I cannot access remote places.Inexpensive stalking not because I am a cheapskate.I simply cannot afford an expensive stalk but I am willing to pay. The stalk I am planning,if I can get one, will be my first one and I appreciate any help.

    The wing shooting is not mandatory and I can certainly do without it.

    Claret Dabbler, if you are the same person, I do post occasionally on AR.

    And thanks you all for the kind words.


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