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Thread: 308 round nose soft point, any views

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    308 round nose soft point, any views


    I have some hornady 308 150gr round nose soft point, which I have loaded and compared to my normal sierras and hornady 150gr soft point "pointy" tip heads.

    They shoot well and group well and are effectively the same as the 150gr soft point "pointy" tip heads, except they have a round nose, it would seem. I use the sierras and hornady normal heads on deer and they perform well.

    I wondered if anyone has used them (round nose) on deer and if there's any difference in the knock down, expansion of damage between pointy and round nose, considering in all other aspects they are the same? I accept velocity etc will have an effect on expansion of course.


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    I've used GECO 170gr round-nose soft-points in a .308 for hind-stalking, and they certainly work well despite MV of only 2550fps.

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    Thanks for quick reply, I am assuming round nose should expand and work well?

    I suppose in theory the energy transfer for hydrostatic shock should be better as there is a larger surface area on contact, however I may be thinking something very slight in the terms of physics and wondered if those with some real life experience of using round nose heads have a better understanding?


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    You get a flatter trajectory at distance with the pointed bullets due to their better aerodynamic shape.
    For shortish range work especially on Muntjac I found the round-nose more effective.


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    Considering 308 trajectory is far from flat, how much worse do the round nose make it up to 200 metres as I rarely shot beyond that range, would the round nose have a significantly greater drop?

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    I have no idea what 'hydrostatic shock' is, and if I did I wouldn't believe in it as a mechanism of wounding

    It seems to me most unlikely that there would be the slightest difference in terminal effect between pointed soft-point and a round-nosed soft-point of otherwise similar construction going at the same speed.
    The impression I have is that RNSP bullets tend to be heavy-for-calibre (fatter for more of their length than PSPs), and this combined with their aerodynamic disadvantage vs. PSPs makes them start slower and loose speed faster.

    Anyhow if you know your drop-table and the limits of your marksmanship, all will be well. I zero 2" high at 100yds for a 200yd point-blank on hinds. After that, -5" at 250yds and -12" at 300yds.

    I use GECO 'cos they shoot well in my .308, and they were 20 a box last time I bought some.
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    I got the box of 100 rn heads for 17, so bought a couple of boxes. I have only seen round nose in heavier weights for big game in the past and was surprised to find them at 150gr.

    I am very conscious of my own limits and most of my ground rarely lends itself to more than 200 yard shots anyway.

    Sorry about the hydrostatic shock, didn't mean to try and be pompous!

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    Round nose will work fine, they may start to expand slightly faster as the bullet will meet greater tissue resistance on impact. Up to 200 yards the trajectory won't be unbearably different.

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    In the end you have to remember the drop for any bullet you shoot so the difference in trajectory shouldn't matter as although the numbers might be slightly different you will have to remember some set of numbers anyhow.

    Energy is the property something has that allows it to do work. If you are transferring energy to your deer what work were you expecting them to do after you shoot them? :-)
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    People often said they deflected less in bush or heavy cover, but this is a bit of a myth. When there was not the hightech projectiles about, a heavy for caliber RN projectile was often chosen for close work because they opened up faster than the pointed ones, they tended to stay on course once inside an animal & the extra weight gave good penetration. I often still use 220 gr round nose in a 30 06 & 300win, 300gr RN's in 375 & only 500gr RN's in 458's.

    You wont notice much change in tradjectory if your closer than 200m.

    Cheers Sharkey

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