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Thread: Trail Camera

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    Trail Camera

    Well you know you have good ground when you see this.

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    Great vid 6P is there music playing somewhere behind them or was it my ears?

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    I think it might be a photo bucket advert.

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    Nice footage 6P.

    Game Camera's are a great tool to have, reminds me that I really need to get out and buy a couple more.

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    Decent size for been smashing the population 6p?(likely)
    Or is the food source very good?
    Discretion assured
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    is it over a year old davie? or are the cams just to technical for you to set the date?

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    I know that field, I shall expect to see their father when I come down this year

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    John its this week mate i got the camera for christmas Your correct to Complicated for me mate i just manage the safty on my sauer.
    John if he shows mate your welcome to show him the good news. But must say the fields are getting a right auld hammering the now plough and seeded so they might take a while to settle.

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    JayB this one will do you mate dont want to get you to excited.

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