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Thread: What woodburner

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    What woodburner

    After almost 40 years of hard use my old woodburning stove is on its last legs! I've had a bit of a look round but there are huge numbers of makes out there. Has anyone on here any suggestions? I am looking for about a 7kw model and have seen clearview and aarrow makes. The selection is vast so a bit of help would be appreciated.

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    I'd recommend arrow I have a 7kw. It's three years old and it's great. I will have to replace the fire bricks this year for the first. With arrow as well I think they still offer a life time guarantee on the structure of the body. I had a stovax before and had to replace the fire bricks and back throat place every year.

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    Have a Clearview 750 - must be 15 years old now, great machine. Downside is it can heat to self destruct level if you aren't careful! On plus side, the consumable parts tend to be much cheaper than cheaper stoves - so evens out over time. Would buy again.

    At other end of the house have a Morso Squirrel ( think 3.5kw ). Different purpose but another great stove - outlived the Villager, Aarrow and ( I know, I know ) the ghastly abomination that I got from Machine Mart. If other models follow suit, I'd happily go with Morso.
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    Town & country fires make cracking stoves out of steel.
    self cleaning glass due to air wash system.
    they are based in Pickering North Yorkshire but am sure will ship to on a pallet to you.

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    Go for a Clearveiw. Good looking and bloody efficient, a lot of companies out there now selling almost the same but not quite aid.

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    I had a Loxton 8 by Mendip Stoves fitted in November. Best thing I've had had done to my house. Efficiant, clean and looks great. Worth concidering.

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    I have a friend local to you who can fit it for a sensible price, top bloke who know's what he is doing and is HETAS registered.
    He did mine and some friends, very happy.
    Mine is inset so probably not what you are looking for.



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    I've had varios types and sizes of stoves over the years, maybe not the cheapest but I've found Morso to be the best
    Corinium Stoves - Morso 8180 on low base

    We heat the whole house, water & ch with a Morso Dove 12 kw with 34,000btu back boiler], been in 5 years and never once been cold or regretted the purchase.

    I would stay clear of steel cheapies and stick to cast.

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    If you are looking for a stand alone woodburner, Morso is the best by a mile. I had a Squirrel in a previous house and a Badger now, absolutely great. I have a cheaper stove in another room, I really regret it. I will chuck it out and put a Squirrel in place of it whenever I have some stray cash.

    If you want a stove that will heat water etc, Waterford Stanley do some very good stoves also.

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