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Thread: Another Happy Farmer

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    Another Happy Farmer

    I just popped out to my local Farm as today i had noticed he had spread some Dung on some fields, i picked up my 223 and my Archer night vision and drove the couple of miles to the Farm.The first field i drove into was one that he had not got around to with the Dung so i had a quick scan around and only saw one of them stripey things disappearing through the hedge at the far end of the field,think he had a tee shirt on saying I Love Brian May.I drove out of the field and across the road and this field had been spread with the smelly stuff, i knew there was a Fox run that came across the road and into the field i had chosen to wait in so i parked up facing across the Run so if any Fox came into the field one i was right for the wind and two it would be a safe shot with a bank hedge behind, if all went well i was in the perfect spot i wound down my window and rested my 223 on the door mirror the wind was howling in the window and it was none to warm either, i reached to the passengers seat and picked up the Archer put it out of the window and turned it on had a scan around and i caught sight of a couple of Rabbits and some sort of Birds on the ground.Ten minutes later had another look and coming across the Field just as i hoped was a Fox i slipped the NV on the back of my rifle and Charlie was 130 ish yards away i gave one squeak he stopped to listen and Bang over he went, it was a good sized Dog Fox and i phoned the Farmer who was very happy as he has lost another goose last week so hopefully i have cured his problem tonight.

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    Well done mate its good when a plan works out

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    Mr Grumpy will have to hand his Tshirt in soon

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    good on you mate

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