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Thread: .270 in woodland

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    .270 in woodland

    Hi All,

    I am looking for some informed opinion; I have a Sako 75 in .270 which gives good service on hill reds and I am happy with.

    Recently I have picked up some woodland stalking in very close cover with a mixture of reds and roe. I have not yet taken a shot there but all my encounters with deer have been in the 5-50m range close to very thick cover.

    I am concerned that my .270 may not be the tool for the job, thoughts anyone?


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    I would not be to concerned about it. The 270win is a versotile rifle and will cope just fine.

    When i had by 270 i used it for everything from Hill stags to lamping fox. Even with a fox in the lamp at 50 yards it would expend no problem. I dont see any problems shooting deer with it at close ranges.


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    If it works, it works mate!

    Seriously though, is there a problem, such as meat damage, you have noticed or do you want a second, possibly shorter and/or moderated rifle for the thick stuff?



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    My main concerns related to high velocity rounds not putting the animal down quickly enough, this isn't a problem on the hill, but in the boondocks - well I got lost in there last week! A secondary concern was meat damage on roe using fast rounds at close range.

    My .270 is moderated, but I was considering a round perhaps considered as more of an all-rounder.


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    If it helps, I use a .308 for everything - munties, roe and fallow down South, reds up in Scotland. It's managed shots from 160 yards down to bayonet-range

    There's a lot to be said for being a 'one-rifle' stalker


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    Thanks Willie,

    My second favourite fly BTW

    I agree - one rifle is plenty for me and it hasn't troubled me until I bumped a buck at 10yds last week and thought "what would I have done, if I had my rifle"? Such close range is not usual for an open hill guy that I have been up until now.

    Incidentally, the look of utter surprise on his face had me creased up with laughter, I had heard him browsing from down the hill so was more prepared for the encounter.....



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    You could use 150grainers for woodland which will get the speed down if that is the concern. You'll have a higher chance of an exit wound also. Speed will be close to that of a 308 with 150gr. If you hand load, you could back off a little towards the lower end of the charge and have a softer shooting woodland round.


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    I like the lateral approach here, I don't home load and have used 130grn Norma's quite happily, I have also used 110grn Nosler BTs, one does 3200 the other 3500+fps. the lighter bullet is functionally flat to 250yds.

    Sako do a 156grain round that I had considered might be more appropriate, anyone tried these?

    The criteria is a round which will put a beast down quickly with an acceptable level of damage to smaller species.

    Thanks all, this is helpful.


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    A digression here:

    This is ridiculous British firearms law not allowing low velocity - high energy calibres such as 8x57 or 9.3x62, ideal in this situation, to be used.


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    I was thinking of a 6.5x55 or maybe a .308.

    I remember reading somewhere that the modern "obsession" with velocity was unhelpful in most hunting situations but it could have been in the context of big game hunting in the former colonies where large/dangerous game combined with thick cover meant short ranges but big requirement for "stopping power".

    I am now officially at the end of my practical knowledge on the subject, as Mr McNab said (or something like it) I like to pull the trigger and know it's going to fall over.


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