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Thread: Last minute stalk Mon 4th or Tue 5th March

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    Last minute stalk Mon 4th or Tue 5th March

    Hi all I have a couple of days off Monday and Tuesday (4th and 5th) next week and fancy trying to get a stalk in ideally Roe or Fallow. I dont mind a couple or three hours drive I am close to the Port of Dover in Kent. I have DSC1 and .270. I have had a few stalks with Sikamalc and hottopic off here. I'm on a bit of a budget so only after cull animals no trophies. Shaun

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    if you dont get any offers i can help have fallow,roe,muntys im quite busy but i can proberly fit you in cheers

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    Thanks for the offers lads mybe see some of you another time, check out my day in the write-ups section 3 in 1..........

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