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Thread: Transk9 Dog Transit Box B23

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    Transk9 Dog Transit Box B23

    This is the best dog box on the market used a half a dozen times, looks BRAND new!! Baby on the way so shooting budget is gone only to buy a .410 for the future... comes with key and anti slip mat as supplied by transk9.

    I can't emphasise how good a condition this box is in, it's also what I believe to be the 2013 model as has the new twin locks on the doors.

    i live between Nottingham and Bristol as the moment so may be able to drop off (with in reason!).

    Height is 26 inches
    Width is 24 inches
    Length is 36 inches


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    can you send me a contact number please i know someone who may be interested

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    if this is still available I may be interested

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