Is anyone interested in an office full of furniture?

It has all the usual items desks (very good condition corner types - cherry thick tops with desk height draws which create the 'corner'. There is some storage i.e. filing cabinets/tambour cupboards. It located between Southampton town centre and Shirley (very near Southampton train station). Access is good (as it woud be collection only)

There is roughly 35+ desks whicha re all matching with their desk height side cupboards+ some chairs, large meeting room table + matching chairs.

Shall we say 15 a desk and the rest is negotiable! I would be meeting you on site and as its 120 miles from home l would like to get any buyers dealt with in one day - l know its a long way off but we would be looking at 11-12th Sept.

If any SD members can think of a worthy cause which would benefit from these in the Hampshire area (with transport) l could have a word (or swap for a couple of stalks!)- being cheeky now!!

Please PM me with any questions etc.