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Thread: Moderator bore size ?

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    Moderator bore size ?

    Is it possible to use an A-Tec CMM4 in 30 cal on everything from 223 to 308/30-06 ? Any advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hales Smut View Post
    Is it possible to use an A-Tec CMM4 in 30 cal on everything from 223 to 308/30-06 ? Any advice?
    Yes, that is my preferred approach from a safety perspective. I only have .30 cal moderators. Regards JCS

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    I use a .25 (6.5mm bore) moderator on .243, .222, .22, and .17

    for me the cost implications of more mocerators outweigh the possible, potential but unlikely difference in sound reduction buying a smaller calibre

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    So long as the bullet can pass through the hole and doesn't generate more energy than the largest calibre specified I don't think it matters. I have used a .30 mod on a .223 and the noise reduction wasn't noticeably different.

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    Hello HS.

    Yes you can, although some will say that the moderator bore linked to the size of the bullet fires has better attenuation. Personally, on my .243, and .30-06, I use .30 Cal mods... The .243 is not much quieter with a .25 cal mod as I tried it, but did not get good accuracy, so went to a .30 cal Roedale, and things improved immediately. Not a scientific answer, but only my experience.

    All the best.


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    Yes, good idea cover all your calibres with it, dont listen to the crap about large calibre can, small calibre rifle, bigger bang, you cant measure it on the scale.

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    Yep that's what I do and it's a great moderator also....

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