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Thread: Ruts started in Lanacashire, My son Seb with his Buck

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    Ruts started in Lanacashire, My son Seb with his Buck

    I will keep it brief, from a proud father
    We have been checking for a week, last night we called a Buck which he shot his first for ever Deer.
    We had been seeing deer this week, and Seb had the cross hiars on a couple but they were not for taking.
    We were calling and a doe came to within 25 yards very agitated and then left.
    we started to call again 20 mins lateer and we had a bark and a crash this buck was quarter the gorund in a wood looking for scent it kept coming at pace as he came he came into the open a couple of tots he stopped and that was that a good heart shot it was a great feeling son and father and all that.
    I then asked him to follow it up after waiting a little, and do the blink test etc, he conducted most of the field work with help and at 12 he knows how lucky he his,
    He put it down to listening to Sikamalc at the gamefair this weekend nothing to do with me.
    Having to pass up deer before this one and the reasons why we need to control deer is starting sink in.
    A great chapter in both our lives


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    Your son looks justifiably delighted and you sound justifiably proud - what a great write-up. Here's to the first of many deer, you've got him off to a grand start.

    Hope that he's written this stalk up in his journal? It's one thing that looking back I really wish I'd done.


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    that's fantastic, well done to you both and I hope you made him carry it

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    Great stuff. May there be many more.

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    seb and his roebuck

    Hi all,

    Well done Seb, everything comes to him who waits.
    Looks a good shot well placed,congratulations on a job well done.
    I hope you enjoyed sitting round the camp fire listening to old men telling older tales of daring do. I think it was all that venison you ate, it gave you even more of a taste for the beast.
    Well done to dad for teaching you the right way to do it all, it's great when a plan comes together.

    See you all again soon we hope.


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    spot on, nice to see the younger ones getting involved 8)

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    Congratulations to you both, many more to come but I think this outing will be the one to remember for ever 8)


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    well done to you both
    a real achievement something youll both never forget
    all the best pete .

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    I've been looking for this post all day long. I had the honour and privilege of talking to Seb and his dad last night, while they were waiting following the shot, it gave time for Phil to roll a fag and have a smoke. I have to say that young Seb was very calm and controlled about his buck, I asked him a few questions and he was extremely articulate and together. His father of course was a gibbering fool, no change there then

    The next photo young stalker will have to be of a Sika stag, if the old man won't get you one I'll find you one when you come up in October.

    Well done Seb, and well done Phil.


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    Congratulations Seb on your first Roe Buck..

    Well done Smithy hes a grand looking lad and im sure your very proud



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