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Thread: Galloway Country Fair

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    Galloway Country Fair

    If any members are going, I believe producing a SACs membership card on the gate gets you a cheaper ticket.
    15th & 16th of August, south of Moffat.

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    It's back at Drumlanrig this year.

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    Is it worth going to, I go to Scone every year, would really like to go to Moy but can never manage as I always have stalking clients that weekend,I am more interested in the crack with lads that are at other ends of the country that you don't see so often, than the actual stands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogtrotter View Post
    Is it worth going to
    I dunno, It was at Drumlanrig about 10 years ago and it was ok, then it moved to near Moffat, I went about 5 years ago, and that was fine too. I've not been to Scone in ages. Still haven't made up my mind if I want to go to the Galloway Fair this year - last year I just went stalking instead!

    Not a very helpful reply from me really!

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    I might go, nothing deffo' yet will post nearer the time.



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    Someone told me today that they are apparently trying to make this the biggest one yet held through this way but don't know hoe accurate that is.

    A group of us went up to Moy last year and thought it was a great day out. Not big compared to Scone but a really good atmosphere.

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    I missed lasts years although my mates said it was just as bad as the previous few years (this is it getting compared to Scone etc),but we will travel down this year again just to see if a change of venue improves it any.

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    Yorkshire game clients can get in free i am told and they also have a hospitality tent.

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    Have not heard of yorkshire game clients getting in free, even more reason to go if thats the case.

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    It used to be really good when the Irish traders came over but sadly that stopped a few years ago. Hopefully with the new location it'll increase in size and variety again.

    I'll be there with the family on Sunday.

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