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    South African Airways

    Has anyone recently flown with South African Airways from London Heathrow ? They have told me I can store my ammo in a lockable container and then put it in the same bag as all my cloths. If this is right then great, less bags to carry. But need to be sure as British airways do not allow this when flying to joburg.

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    Im flying with them in September, and have been told the same as you.

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    Yes it's right. However, when you get to Joburg and take another internal SAA flight you have to remove the ammo box and it flies seperately with the rifle case. Bit weird but that's their rules.

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    Shotguntom, will keep in touch with how I got on, Safari Hunter that's great, when I get to Joburg I drive

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    BA To Jo Berg , ammo can be in lockable case within your luggage, max 5 kg

    SAA Jo Berg to East london, take the container out of your bag and check seperate

    Use AIR 2000 to do a meet and greet service, they then take ALL the hassle away, escort you to the police desk , help with paperwork, get you between terminals, get you on your connecting flight.

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    I regularly travel BA Heathrow T5 to Joburg with a firearm.
    My experience is that your ammo must be packed separately (applicable to destinations in South Africa and Italy) and scanned along with your rifle case. Group4 are contracted to process BA firearms handling and you pay a 50 each way cost for the privilege.

    I've detailed pdf's explaining the BA/Group4 firearms handling process for travelling to South Africa and also completing the SAPS 520 for anyone who's interested so pm me if you'd like a copy.

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    Don't worry I have flown with BA many times, but got fed up with their charges for taking firearms and ammo, South African airways don't charge so have changed airlines.

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    Keep off Air France !
    On one trip over to SA they gave us much hassle at Charles De Gaulle airport causing us to almost miss the flight and did not put our rifles on the plane.
    We therefore missed our internal flight to East London and got no refund. One days hunting was also lost whilst we waited for the rifles to appear.


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    +1 lockable ammo linner in with good case .but if you are useing factory loads why not find out the cost over there ? my ph sorted this out for me last time .

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