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    Gettin a .243 soon. Decided on a sako 85 but not sure which one...standard Hunter (wood) or stainless synthetic. Anyone out there want to comment and help me make the final decision ?

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    You still have to wipe down a stainless action/barrel before you put it away, so you should buy what you would prefer to carry, unless you always shoot in the rain/get covered in salt water or similar!

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    To my mind it depends on whether you view the rifle as a tool to do a job or something more.

    I have a Sako 75 that I originally bought as a classic hunter model with a wooden stock. After 18 months I replaced it with a McMillan synthetic stock and have forever regretted not buying the stainless synthetic in the first place. My rifle gets a fair amount of abuse and is taken out in all weather. I got fed up with worrying about scratching the wooden stock and having to leave it to dry out before putting it away. Buy the synthetic.


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    Hi I have a sako 85 stainless /synthetic ,its as tough as old boots should it and you get caught in a deluge ,take the action out of the stock and dry it all out on the radiator, i also have a sako 85 in wood and i,m must confess to being a little precious with it But you will not go wrong with the sako , great rifles. What calibre are you looking at ?
    .Cheers Brough

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    personaly i would go for a synthetic blue barrell , i find you get a certain degree of glint from the sun from a stainless !

    cheers lee

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    Is it a tool for the job or are you going to polish it everyday?
    Tool for the job (synthetic)
    Polish (wood)
    Both my rifles are synthetic because where I stalk 80% of the time it's raining.
    Having said all that with a Sako in any stock you will get years of pleasure.

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    Hi rockingod

    What has made you choose 243 as opposed to 308,6.5 etc etc

    Do you have other calibres?

    If this is possibly going to be your only rifle are you looking in the future to take a look at Boar for example..

    Hope i havent made it to confusing but depending on budget and the unknown may be worth looking at..

    Synthetic blue for me


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    You need to take a step back and look at what you will use it for. If it will be your only centre fire and you will be lamping as well as stalking then it might be best with a synthetic stock. In a couple of years the wooden stock might be a tad battered and bruised. The synthetic however will still look the same as the day you bought it.

    As for the action, the stainless is a great option. You wipe it down and put it away, No problems there. If it is too shiny for your taste then it can be toned down at a low cost. Blued actions/barrels are fine but like the wooden stocks eventually the blueing wares off and they just look old and abused. A stainless will always clean or polish up to knew spec.


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    Stainless / synthetic it is then

    Hi Guys

    Just 2 say Tks for the replies and advice.

    Decided on Stainless / synthetic (It does rain an awful lot in Wales !)

    I'll keep you all posted when it arrives.

    Tks again

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    I have to say that having a Tik in Wood i'm very aware of what l do with it when l'm out. My Browning .308 is a Synth stock and like the others have said - it's pretty much fool proof - (aside form the fact that Brownings rust like B*tches) its great in all weather.


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