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Thread: Hunting in Kyrgyzstan - advice wanted

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    Hunting in Kyrgyzstan - advice wanted

    Has anyone hunted ibex in Kyrgyzstan?

    I'm looking to go but not sure how safe that area of the world is? Looked on line but its a bit sketchy!

    Also if anyone has been:-

    What ranges did you shoot at (I'm guessing long range)?

    What chambering did you use / recommend? (I'm guessing something which will buck the wind with good BC - 6.5x284 or 7mm mag)

    How strenuous is the stalking and should I be packing for super light weight hunting?

    Past lessons have proven its best to ask advice before committing!


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    Not been myself but there are lots of videos on YouTube of hunts for Ibex out there!

    These guys look good?
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    Its near enough to afghanistan for the british army to pay you for taliban hunting, and they will supply the rifle/ammo.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Read the foreign office country profile and then decide if the risk/reward ratio if high enough for you to go?
    Bearing in mind there is a lot of quality affordable hunting in countries where the personal risk is non existent which loads the dice slightly.

    Kyrgyzstan travel advice

    The level its at (in the orange area) is one when i'm offered a work contact that involves a double of day rate and only going if i think the private security measure mitigate the threat enough.
    I would not be paying to go. Having worked a lot in Turkmenistan and Kazakstan (both of which are fairly pleasant) if you do go don't forget to take your US$ greasing cash.

    ATB Will
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    I have never heard of anyone having problems with hunting in Kyrgyzstan. But speak to the people on the reference list of the outfitter you pick. This is also a good source of info for hunting in far off places The Hunting Report Newsletter - the page suggests that there are 20 Kyrgyz specific reports from people who have hunted there, plus the editors will be able topoint you in the right direction for specific advice Kyrgyzstan Hunting

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    My mate went, used a 7mm rem mag and Z6i 30 power. Shot his at 400+ yards.

    Crap food, crap accomadation but great trophy.

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    Mate of mine hunted Ibex with Home | English Safari Company | hunting in England | deer stalking | hunting trips | deer park consultant
    Looked like one amazing trip.

    Long shots and light packs is the way.

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