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Thread: High seat/tower

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    High seat/tower

    Hi All,

    I am looking for advice on builgot ding a permanent high seat/tower.What experiences have you all had?Has anyone some good design plans etc??



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    I bought a two piece ladder on eBay for 10 and with some coach bolts made the seat. Just need to fit a rifle rest, either wood or metal depending on what I have lying about and then a ratchet strap to secure to the tree.

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    Got some good plans for a tower in my head! I mean the plans are in my head, not the tower. I just can't decide exactly where the best place is to build one, as it would obviously need to be somewhere I am likely to shoot a few deer each year. I usually just use natural vantage points as they are free but it would be great to have a roof overhead when it rains. What sort of size/height were you thinking of?

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    Hi buckaroo

    I am thinking about something covered in with a floor level of circa 2-2.5m above ground level,being able to shoot from three sides backing onto a forrest in front of a 50 acre flat field regularly visited by reds........


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    Quote Originally Posted by 2130martin View Post
    Hi buckaroo

    backing onto a forrest in front of a 50 acre flat field regularly visited by reds........
    That sounds like a great place to put up a tower! this is a good time of year to put up seats and stuff, I am helping a mate do a bit of maintenance on his ground in a week or two when we get around to it. I'm saving up some materials -timber, fixings etc so if you want a hand one weekend let me know and I'll help you out.

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    Thanks for the offer mate,where are you based??

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    St Austell way mate, I was assuming you're building your tower somewhere in Kernow! the offer's there matey

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    yeah,thanks,it will be up North Devon way if/when..........I am Liskeard area,cheers

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    just about finished my 4.8m high seat just trying to work out the gun rest as i want it 3 sides..... will post pics tomo...

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