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Thread: Aladins slippers

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    Aladins slippers

    I haven't shot one of these for a couple of years now but shot this one tonight, you could hear her coming from the high seat as the ends of the cleaves hit the track. She was incredibly thin too, sorry for the poor photo quality but it was getting dark and I only had my phone:

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    Apparently it's to do with tendon problems in the leg, this causes the animal to walk on the heel and allows the front of the cleaves to grow without wearing as much as normal. All the ones I've shot have been associated with we areas.

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    You talking to yourself there Ben.... :-)

    Sorry deletwd my post by mistake as using my phone

    As previously said , have not seen that before , thanks for explaining the possible cause interesting to know .

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    this can be relatively common on overt soggy/ bog ground too can it not?

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    I saw this discussed at a presentation by a well respected vet and it was suggested that it can be caused by Laminitis
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    We see a couple a year, just despatched on one last Friday. Laminitus sounds about right, we do not find them all on boggy ground but it may be a point. The growth of the cleaves and the smell is not unlike foot rot on sheep.

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