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Thread: Boker Knives

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    Talking Boker Knives

    looking for a new knife to accompany me on my stalking outings , was looking at Boker knives ,
    anyone any experience with this make ??

    all input is much appreciated!!

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    I have a Relincho Madera. Very well made knife and perfect for stalking. Slim, light 5 1/2" blade with excellent edge retension. The blade is more spear point than drop point but it works remarkabley well for stalking duties. A very dextorous design. Build quality is superb and the shealth is particularly good. The Arbolito range of Bokers are made in Argentina rather than Germany - which explains the long slender blade shape and the quality of the leatherwork on the sheath - but don't let that put you off. All it means is you get a lot of knife for your money.
    Boker knives in general are very high quality. As good as the best Scandanavian knives but less, well, Scandanavian. Recomended.

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    Both my son and I have Boker knives, I have had mine for about 8 years now and my son his for about the same. His has done far more work than mine as he is out stalking most days. Both knives are excellent cant fault them.Not only do they look good but they do the job very well. You want to have a look at Moonraker knives he allways has vast selection. Finch pretty much covers it.

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    Boker are great knives superb quality

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    I'm thinking about treating myself to one of these:

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    Quote Originally Posted by david1976 View Post
    I'm thinking about treating myself to one of these:
    Very nice. I like the blade

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