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Thread: Lee Progressive press with 45 acp dies

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    Lee Progressive press with 45 acp dies

    Lee Pro 1000 progressive reloading press its a three turret head unit, the press consists of the turret press with the lee auto disc powder measure system, the safety primer unit, with the four case dispensing tubes etc

    its used but very good working condition

    basically you feed it with empty cases in the tubes pull the handle it de primes and resizes the case moves on to have primer fitted as well as flare the case, moves to charge with powder then you manually place bullet on top then seat the bullet once going it produces a complete bullet with every pull on the handle, comes complete with a set of .45 ACP dies

    the press is quite heavy so the postage isnt cheap looking for 118.00 posted



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    Hi guys

    The progressive press can be converted to many other calibre's including .223, .38, .357, 9mm etc by changing the shell holder (14) and the turret insert (10) which also keeps the dies locked to your settings both parts are available from kranks and most other lee stockist

    The price is reduced to 100 including postage


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