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Thread: Timed out etc.

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    Timed out etc.

    This site now ranks as the worst site I have ever been on for connection problems, server errors etc. Why oh why can't someting be done to sort it out? I get so bored I even look at ebay for gods sake!

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    I had the same problem and thought it might have had something to do with my ten year old PC but now I have an 'all singing dancing' one it is still the same.

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    I tried to send a pm to a member the other night by the time I managed it thro "timed out" etc the poor chap had seven copies of my pm it is bloody annoying

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    I have to say that I too find pages very slow to load compared with other fora and have on many occasions been timed out before they load. It needs looking at.

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    I think that you should think about the costs of running a forum like this, I would imagine that we use a fair bit of bandwidth and its not cheap.

    I'm sure the admin could go to a faster more reliable server if they charged some sort of subscription for the use of the forum.

    Its like someone getting into your car for a free lift somewhere and them telling you its **** and really uncomfortable. And implying you should upgrade it so that their journey is better..

    Just my tuppenny worth.

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    Thats a fair comment.

    So why dont they have an Icon at the bottom of the forum home page that can be clicked on to enable members to make a donation. Have it set up to a paypal account and people can donate a couple of quid if they want to. Help with the running costs of the forum.
    I have seen it on another forum and it generates a few hundread quid a year.


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    I am sure that we all agree that this can be frustrating, but, lets face it, it is an excellent site and it is worth putting up with until the admin team manage to sort it.

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    thats a good point auquhollie, maybe Admin will let us know. Maybe they didn't think of it....

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    I'm with ads, wouldn't mind making a donation and have things up dated a little. Although its a bit clunky it's still a great site.


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    I'm now finding I have to log on each time as well, it really is annoying.

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