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Thread: Crap night!

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    Crap night!

    2nd night of foreign stalkers out after good Roe heads.
    Yesterday produced 4 nice bucks between 2 of them, 1 i expect to turn out Gold, and the other a Bronze possibly.

    The chap im looking after is normally good as gold but after stalking around tonight we bumped into a good buck about 120 yards away. Through my binos he looked to be the large beast that we have left for the last 3 years.

    On the sticks, whistle for him to stop and bang, then plop and the buck jumps in the air and runs off straight into a thick wood.

    Walk back to the car and drive round, by this time it is 21.55 and is dark. Torch decides to pack up and with no spare batteries have to stick to the outside of the wood with my terrier trying to pick a scent, but sadly didn't.

    Felt real bad having to call the tracking and recovery off but had no other choice or resources.

    Means i now have to get up at 3.30am drive 70 miles and spend a while looking for blood that the rain hasn't washed away before going to look after Pheasants.

    To top it all after driving over some flinty ground I have a slow punture which I'll have to pump up before i leave in the morning

    Lesson learnt that I should carry a spare flash light

    Only good thing about recovering it is I didnt hear it crash through too much undergrowth so hope it had laid up and bled out quickly.

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    Re: Crap night!

    Quote Originally Posted by sako85
    Only good thing about recovering it is I didnt hear it crash through too much undergrowth so hope it had laid up and bled out quickly.
    I thought its good when shot animal runs through undergrowth and makes a lot of noise. It usually means its been hit. If you miss, deer rather escape quietly...
    Just my observation.
    Can you update us on how it went?


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    Been there, done that - I feel for you. There are few things more depressing than having to head back home knowing that there's a wounded animal left out there.

    Hope that you find the buck this morning, so let us know how you get on.


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    I had a better morning out with my Guest, he took his first ever buck in the break in the weather at about 6.30am, a small 4 pointer that was with a doe.

    Nice shot hit dead on & took out the top of the heart with his own rifle-fired for the first time in anger rather than at paper, 160m off of tripod sticks, he even offered to carry the Roe Sack too-as he said he needed to get used to it! (result)

    I am now sat here looking out at the bloody rain hoping that it brightens up for this evening!

    No fallow moving this morning due to conditions & as I said it it turns out bright this evening then I hope the buggers will be on the move.

    Hope you find that buck though Sako-I have been there myself once or twice & it's not nice!

    Regards Lee

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    I was sat in one of my high seats last night after some Munties. Got to dark and they came out - l decided as it was so dark, l wouldn't shoot one as if it dissapeared it'd be a arse to find it, and that it would be raining this morning - like Sako l've spent hours looking for shot animals that you know are hit and will die...having said that my Patterdale is a dab-hand finding them (in the light!) -


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    bad luck buddy hope you find it mate i lost my 1st deer last year whilst on a a doe cull we came across 3 does in a feild of mustad (planted for game cover) no more than 1 foot high and very patchy. i shot the 1st doe which ran just over the hill we marked it as it went over and then shot a second which dropped on the spot. we never found the 1st doe which was no more than 200yrds away when it dropped, we looked and looked and the keeper who i was with at the time came back later with is dogs to look again. it was finally found buy the farmer 2 weeks later when he was topping the feild right were we marked it both i and the keeper were gutted it was total waste of life in the end but what else could we do?

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    Been there alos, not noce I lost a Hind at the beginning of the year, I was gutted, crap sleep that night, went out again the following day and couldn't find her, hopefully she neve got far and died soon after, as has been said, a waste of a life.

    Good luck, hope you find him. Keep us posted.


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    Got up and did my tyre at 03.30 then drove the 70 miles to get to the ground.

    No rain when i arrive and mange to find a very small amount of blood, 2 drops and that was all i could see. Terrier spooked 2 more bucks within a minute or so of getting out car and after about an 30mins was thinking im going to have to give up and go feed my pheasants. Trodging back to the car the dog starts yapping at something and to my surprise about 20 yards from the car was a dead buck. It had managed to get itself into a disued badger hole and was very difficult to see. It must of either laid down or somehow rolled into it.

    I felt a real pillock for not seeing it earlier but was glad i found it. It is sporting a very good head, with my experience would estimate a deffinate silver and possibly bigger. The client who shot was very excited and relieved when i told him the news and the head awaits to be boiled out and weighed tomorrow or Monday.

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    good result 8)

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    Dragged mysel out of bed,just to find the result of this search. Well done.

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