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Thread: Baikal 12 bore side by side

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    Baikal 12 bore side by side

    Final price drop 100.00

    Guys, I have for sale a Baikal 12 bore side by side shotgun.

    It has sat in my gun cabinet for long and weary and is only used for invite days at the pheasants a couple of times a year.

    It has 28 inch barrels - one 1/2 choke, the other 3/4.

    It is to all intended puposes a new shotgun . . in total it has shot no more than 100 cartridges and the barrels and woodwork are spotless . . . .the internals of the barrels are like mirrors.

    I am awaiting delivery of a new rifle and need the space in my cabinet hence the shotgun has to go.

    Face to face prefered, but I can RFD to your local stealer for 25.00.

    No offers please as you are getting what is literally a new shotgun for peanuts.

    Final price drop 100.00

    Due to work commitments there may be a slight delay replying to PM's

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    Bump, needs to go asap !!!

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    First offer of a hundred quid secures.

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    ive sent you a text

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