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Thread: Optilock to fit m595. 30mm

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    Optilock to fit m595. 30mm

    Yo !

    Looking for a set as above, stainless,, low as well, I reckon,, going on a 8x50 swaro

    Anybody got any for sale.? Would also consider other quality mounts,

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    They the same as a Tikka T3?

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    I think they are. They are a dovetail fitting that fits the 595 695 and T3 methinks.

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    Will take even just the rings, to get me going ! maybe ! lol

    low or extra low

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    I've two sets (blue and stainless) surplus to requirements although the stainless pair have a slightly overused allen key head.
    They are both 30mm low (used ok on a 8x56 S&B).

    If you want to try them drop me a PM with your address etc, sale or return!
    30 for a set? Includes bases? I'm away for a bit but if you're interested I'll post them Thursday.

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    Absolutely,, will PM you tomorrow with all the details bud

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