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Thread: Browning X Bolt

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    Browning X Bolt

    I currently have a couple of Browning A bolt rifles, they are excellent out of the box accuracy and not to badly finished given the price. They do the job and I am pleased with them.

    I got my NGO magazine today and entered the raffle to win the X bolt already but it got me thinking and I went to my local gun shop to look at one. They had a stainless fluted barrel plastic stock model which I am quite taken with. The list price was 900 (so there should be some movement on that) and I am thinking about buying one in .223 - I will get the .308 when I win the NGO raffle.

    Has anybody got any thoughts on them or use one?

    I am going to be at the NGO Deer AGM and I see that Browning are one of the speakers so I will quiz them on it as well.

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    I have the X BOLT IN 223 AND 243 and have never had a problem with either, but there surely people that have,

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    i have one in .308 love mine.
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    I have a .223 and its great, had it for over 12 months, shoots great as well.

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    i have one in .223. no complaints from me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spoony View Post
    i have one in .308 love mine.
    +1 mine gets lots of use its always bang on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spoony View Post
    i have one in .308 love mine.
    What ammo do you find best?

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    I have the x-bolt stainless stalker with fluted barrel in 308. Spent ages looking about and decided that was the best overall deal overall. Its a great rifle

    If I had a copy of the magazine and a memebr of NGO I would try and win another that would beel cool

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    Bought the SS .223 when they first came out, never had a problem with it. Great for fox and small deer.
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    Xbolt?!... Urgh. I'd rather drink a broken glass milkshake than own another one!

    magazine is poor, accuracy is substandard, threading is bad, mounting system is awful, etc, etc!

    as for browning customer service... They were even worse than Vodafone!

    Dont take my word for it - look at the American forums.

    get a tikka, or if looks bother you get a sako 85 - you won't regret either of these.

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