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Thread: Deer scarce in Suffolk?

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    Deer scarce in Suffolk?

    Been talking to a contact who is claiming there has been a huge decrease in fallow numbers in Suffolk over the last few years. I'm particularly interested in Bury St Edmunds area. Are you local? What kind of numbers are you seeing and where?

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    There seems to be a real divide in numbers north and south of the Ouse, on the patch I have I hardly see them there any more, although I think this is as much to do with them being very wary and now being largely nocturnal. That said, I was out in thetford forest doing night vision surveys on Wednesday and the majority of what we saw were fallow closely followed by muntjac, only one small group of reds, and roe dotted around. We were out for 6 hours and saw good numbers in all, I certainly wouldn't say they were in short supply....

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    i was just outside bury st edmunds to the southwest and saw a herd of about 25 in the middle of the day
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    Do a lot of stalking around the Bury st. Edmunds area and not seen a decline. Have noticed however that the herds seem to be transient rather than resident. MUNTIES EVERYWHERE!!! Regardless of cull efforts.

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    Red and Fallow numbers seem stable on the bits I do but Roe numbers have crashed through the floor

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    Any chance of rough locations and numbers? You don't have to be specific but I'm trying to build a picture.

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    Kings forest and elveden block of thetford forest, couldn't comment on numbers as a whole though

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    In between Bury and Newmarket. We've also seen a reduction in Roe numbers and have stayed off them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baggy View Post
    In between Bury and Newmarket. We've also seen a reduction in Roe numbers and have stayed off them.
    I'd agree with that......

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