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Thread: Is this Roe any good?

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    Is this Roe any good?

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    Очень хорошо. Я думаю, что это один из наших. А косули из Сибири, что ли?

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    Deer Head

    Hi there Boys
    I think what he is trying to say is its the roe deer head ( A Siberian Roe Buck ) Capreolus pygargus from northeastern Asia.

    Hope this helps lads

    Good luck


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    lost me here

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    harasho,spasibo bolschoi.
    I knew what it is, wasn`t asking what it was roedeerbuck

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    Having seen a couple of heads my mate shot I think not exceptional. I know NZ has lots of non-native things but didn't realise you had these as well John! What next? Kudu? Our friend Mr C sold me some shooting sticks at CLA.

    All the best to you and family.


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    Boutros boutros ghali - scorchio Iwrch!

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    Eff ethetheth, eff ethetheth Chris Waddle.

    Boutros Boutros Ghali Mole.

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    Hmmmm so you succumbed to Mr C`s selling skills Eric...
    Actually the picture wasn`t taken here in N.Z was taken in Oslo when I was there, just found it when I was sorting through some photos the other day, and I thought theres bound to be experts here on the site to give some advice.

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