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Thread: Norma ammo?

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    Norma ammo?

    Just wanted the general opinion on this. Got the old man to pick up some bullets for me whilst he was in town. 1 box of Norma .22-250 were 34.50 and 1 box of Norma .270 bullets were 42.99 is this the going rate or is this shop shafting us? I know .270 bullets can be expensive but I was expecting the .250 bullets to be less than that!

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    thats what ive been paying for the 22.250
    and thats why ive started reloading ,best thing ive done in a while

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    You mean ammunition by any chance rather than bullets? I haven't seen Norma bullets for sale for some years and that would be expensive for either 100 bullets or a box of 20 rounds of ammunition.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    It depends where in the country you are, I would expect to spend about 35 to 40 for a box of 270.

    Dauntsey Guns: .270 Win, N16902, Norma - .270 - .270 Win 130gr SP

    270 WIN Norma

    John Bradshaw's Gunshop Centrefire Ammunition

    If you dont intend to reload once you have 100 Norma 270 once fired case you will get 35 for them on here.


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    Cheers for the replies! I was thinking the .250 bullets were expensive,(was expecting the high 20's). Im talking about a box of 20 and not the bullet heads though. the .270 bullets were the 110 grain vmax ones

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    I payed 40 for both 6.5 120 gr and 308 150 gr Norma ammo / 20 pack I use Winchester 22/250 ballistic silver tips and payed over 30 / 20 last time I purchased some .

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    Norma 270 ammo is one of if not the best
    it is expensive though and the reason I started reloading was when it went over 2 a bang

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    I payed 29 for Norma 22.250,and 37 for Norma Alaska 156 grain 6.5x55 Normas. Tad expensive compared to other brands but its quality stuff

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    Thanks for the replies. Doesn't sound like the price was that far out then. Just wont be doing much plinking with it

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    Save the brass it is good quality for reloading. I have a couple hundred in .243 so when it got over 2 a shot I started reloading. Just perfected my load for my rifle & it's even better than factory Norma, now costing less than 50p a shot

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