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Thread: Which rifle sling

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    Which rifle sling

    I have aproblem with a damaged right shoulder wich makes it nearly impossible to carry and stalk in my normall way,but carring on the left shoulder with sticks gets dificult.I am thinking of trying a neoprene sling which one is the 64dollar question

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    I have tried a few different slings all of which slipped off my shoulder resulting in me constantly hunching my right shoulder in an effort to keep the rifle on there... I ended up with bad neck and upper back ache as a result.

    The best one I have found to solve this problem is a Z aim sling linked below. The rifle stays put whether walking, crawling, climbing into high seats etc and the extra strap can be put to use carrying your beast if you so wish.

    Z-Aim Multifunctional Slings - Casstrom Outdoor

    I have had mine around a year now on my .308 and it has worn well.

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    try sewing a large button on your shoulder on your coat it worked for me it should stop your sling slideing off my slings are approx inch wide. hope it works.

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    Another Z-Aim user here ... struggle using "normal" slings now.

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    z aim, gr8 bit of kit and well worth the extra cash

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    Well and truly converted to the z aim

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    Another Z-Aim user, (since they came out) i used to swap it from rifle to rifle, now have a dedicated one on each of my rifles, cant think of using any other sling now.


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    I've got the z-aim and the niggeloh slings and love them both much more comfortable to use than a normal sling........

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    Thanks for input all just hope physio can sort this soon.z-aim looks alittle complicated for woodland stalking how quick is it in use Dave

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