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Thread: foresty commission deer culling

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    foresty commission deer culling

    I see the fc are looking for deer culling contract in dumfries and borders 150 deer should be good i would be intrested my self but to far away and i dont have my dsc 1 and 2 yet.
    i have the email address to get the tender pack is


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    Quote Originally Posted by Coal
    Is that a paid contract?
    I have tried the email and it just bouncers back to you.


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    Maybe -

    There was a typo in the original.

    Let us know how you get on.

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    Why don't you just phone the Lanark office would be much simpler.

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    I aint sure just anyone can contract for the FC by just emailing or ringing.

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    the fc has a tender for all work eg fencing tree felling, the deer culling is worth 36,000 to the fc and they are good to deal with i have no bother in the past, They just offer all tenders over 10,000 on the web site sorry but i do not know how to add a link to the site. They send you all info about the tender you want and tell you all the insurance and training you have got etc. But its worth a phone call or email.

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    The original post suggests that this is a contract where they pay you but you will need to have certain qualifications depending on the site. Usually a 4x4, quad or argo certificates, manual handling, first aid, etc, etc.

    The tender if it is one is where you pay them for a bit of ground. These now have restrictions like no of people in a syndicate (this is flexible depending how FC are feeling), DSC2 etc etc

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    Sorry if i was a bit misleading the contract is out to offer deer numbers are 300 in 2 areas it may not cost as much as 36,000 all gov run companies need all qualifications its just the way they work but are fair to deal with most of the time. sorry again

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