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Thread: Boar in GB?

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    Boar in GB?

    Would someone give me some info in boars in GB. Before it gets started, I'm not talking about that guy in the pub, hehe!

    Here in Texas we have lots of 'wild boar.' A better name would be ferral hogs, but that's not as sexy. Because of this they can be hunted by any means 24/7/365. Most are decendents of domesticated pigs that have escaped. Some of these go back 500yrs. The vast majority, revert to dark in color and become leaner with longer snouts. Some of this is probably natural selection. Some is probably that most hunters will shoot a light or spotted one, if given a chance. No matter what you here, it is unusual to shoot one over 200lbs. My biggest, to date, is almost 300lbs. Thats one pig out of close to 200 that I've shot or seen shot There have been pure 'Russian' released on purpose, or escapees, but these soon are absorbed by local populations. Again don't be mislead, most of our pigs are ferral hogs under 200lbs. capt david

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    Yes, we have wild boar in uk. 20 years ago there were none but escapees from wild boar farms and deliberate releases means we have several localised populations now. Mainly in Forest of Dean, Kent, Sussex and new populations popping up in Scotland and other places. Some have domestic pig blood in them but, like in the states, tend to revert to boar type. There is no season in place but, in my opinion, there is a real need for one. A really interesting species and highly sought after by many uk stalkers keen to bag one.

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    "There is no season in place but in my opinion, there is a real need for one"
    Couldn`t agree more Penyard, how anyone can shoot a sow with dependant young in tow is beyond me.
    I know they can be a pain in the arse but there seems to be very little respect for the species.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Our sows breed year 'round. A group of pigs is called a sounder. These will contain an alpha sow, other sows and non breeding boars. Mature boars tend to be loners and only join the sounder when a sow comes into heat. FWIW, I try not to shoot obviously lactating sows, but sows in a sounder will nurse other sows pigglets. If a sounder shows up I try to shoot the younger, larger boars or sows. With luck these will weigh around 125lbs. single, satellite boars weigh 150lbs and up, but seldom exceed 250lbs. Although many do not eat these. I've been lucky not to have any be rank. FYI I've never found hogs to be all that tough to kill. If at least one shoulder is taken out they usully drop on the spot. It's important to remember that a pigs vitals arefarther forward and lower than a deer's. I aim right at the front point of the shoulder. A little foreard and you get the spine a little bach and you get lungs/heart. capt david

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