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Thread: 7x57 or 7x64

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    7x57 or 7x64

    Need a pig gun. Found a couple of cheapys one in 7x64, the other in 7x57. Opinions please. I reload so can load to higher than the amaemic modern manuals give. Do not want a 308, 30-06 or anything else for that matter. Which is preferable 7x64 or 7x57 and why ?
    thanks Steve

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    I think the 7x57, 30-06 and 375H&H are the greatest rounds of all time. I own the first two and would probably own a 375 if I could justify the need. The 7x57 has so much hunting tradition, Bell and Corbett to name a couple.
    My 7x57 is a commercial FN Mauser made in 1952. It is my go to deer/ pig rifle. I also have a Rem 280. I load 175gn Hornady RNs @ 2400fps. I also load 150Partitions @ 2725. Where I mainly hunt most of my shots are a maximum of under 125yds. For those shots I use the 175s as they are about half what the 150s are. They penetrate well and destroy less meat at closer ranges than the faster 150Part. At ranges of 100-300 yds I use the Partition because of it's spitzer shape and higher BC make it shoot flatter and carry energy farther.
    I have killed the vast majority of my pigs with the 7x57, using those two bullets. If it were just a pig rifle and not a pig/deer rifle, I'd go with 160 partitions or 162 Hornady interlocks.

    Go with the 7x57!!!
    capt david

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    Love the 7 x 57, a classic but if you might want to go to France for piggies get the 7 x 64. All the stuff about military calibres might just run and run and take years.


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    Prob not a lot in the real world to choose between them. 7x57 is a lovely balanced round, but so to is the 7x64. Where the 7x64 comes is that with the bigger 173 gn bullets you are getting c2,700 fps as opposed to 2450 with the 7x57. That will give a bit more thump and flatter trajectory, but suspect that in the real world not a lot of difference, and the 7mm just kills very well. If you are wanting to use the rifle in France go with the 7x64, otherwise ignore the calibre and choose whichever rifle looks and feels best to you.

    Also bear in mind most 7x57 is loaded to pressures that are comfortable in very old rifles, but plenty of room to load it up quite a bit, whereas the 64 has the vel in every day factory ammo.

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    7X64 , it will do everything better than its smaller brother.


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    My advice would be, assuming the fact that 7x57 is classed as a "military calibre" is an NON-ISSUE, is choose the rifle that:

    1) Pleases you most in terms of features, style, and ease of use and/or magazine capacity

    2) Barrel length. A 24" 7x57 is probably as good as any 20" 7x64 and a lot less unpleasant to shoot

    3) Cost

    The better round is undoubtedbly the 7x64 as it is more powerful AND MOST IMPORTANT on the continent now probably more easily sourced as loaded ammunition in various weights and bullet types than is 7x57.

    That for me would be the major factor. That I could get factory ammunition and in the more useful types of bullets used for wild boar. Indeed in that respect the 7x64 is more versatile than the 270 Winchester...bullet selection in factory ammunition. It retains, does 7x64, that same advantage over 7x57.

    The other factors would be if I liked the rifle or didn't. I like wood and blue steel and five rounds in a magazine. Three rounds, stainless metalwork and "plastic fantastic" just doesn't appeal to me.

    Reject ANY notion that somehow you'll get cheap military surplus 7x57 with FMJ bullets for practice. I think that those days of modern made cheap factory ammunition in that calibre are long past!

    Simply put in like for like barrel lengths the 7x64 is the better round on all accounts and is, in this 21st Century, the more widely distributed and easily obtained in various bullet weights and types. Whilst a good cartridge 7x57 is now very much "yesterday's cartridge" in terms of the likelihood of manufacturers making batches of it with their new bonded, partioned, TIG, TUG or etc., etc., bullets.

    The 7x57 with a 173 grain bullet at 2,450fps is a true "killer" (it is what the 303 Mk VII was a copy of) BUT it may now only exist in old fashioned "cup and core" bullet styles. But out to 100 yards it is an efficient "killer" have no doubt but it is with the lighter 140 grain and 150 grain loadings that the 7x64 wins out as it gives a better round for shooting out to two hundred yards due to its higher muzzle velocity.

    If you handload and use 173 grain bullets then for all practical purposes at under 100 yards there is no difference and beyond that?

    Maybe a difference between a "point blank" at 150 yards and good to 175 yards (7x57) and a "point blank" at 185 yards and good to 225 yards (with 7x64) with those lighter 140 or 150 grain bullets?
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    7x57 or 280 Remington. I have built customer's rifles in both calibers, shot them. and owned them. The 7-08 in place of the 7x57 loses nothing a deer would notice. My favorite rifle is a 7x57. Nothing I've pointed it at in anger has gone more than a step or two.~Muir

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    This is a bit like a 308 or 30/06 thread. My money would be on 7x64 though

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    Quote Originally Posted by srvet View Post
    This is a bit like a 308 or 30/06 thread. My money would be on 7x64 though
    Not quite the same comparison as there's a difference in action length, but very little in power 'twixt the two .30 cals. Both the 7mm cals. need long actions, but there's a lot more juice with the 7x64 so I'd go for this.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    The reason the 7x57 has been around for 125yrs and it's balistic twin, the 7-08 is gaining so much popularity, is they do so much well without any fuss. As stated I also have a Rem 280, which I believe is a twin for the 7x64. It has a heavier and longer barrel. I get about 200fps over the 7x57. It really begins to shine past 250yds or so, but under 250 I haven't noticed much difference. capt david. And besides there is all that history!!! capt david

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