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Thread: Nissan Navara Radio

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    Nissan Navara Radio

    Not long since I purchased a Nissan King Cab, however the radio is no longer working. It shows all the stations but there is no sound, am I missing something or has the speaker cable just dropped out. Funny think, it works one day and then there is nothing, has anyone who has a Navara encountered this problem ?
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    Had this problem when mine was 3 weeks old after kicking up a big fuss Nissan stopped it out.
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    probably the cable to the speakers, mine did this, reconnect and all should work, a bit fiddly to get at but easy to do really, take the door cards out and have a look, I replaced the front speakers in mine, all ok now.

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    Tried another speaker on one side, no luck, took the radio out but due to the security system limit to work you can do, will replace with another radio, thanks anyway.

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