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    Hi Guys obviously new to this forum but a member on a few others, I am into pest & vermin control and dear management for a few local farms and estates in Herts and Beds, i hold 22lr 17Hmr 222 rem and 243 win,I am keen on reloading and enjoy the company of likeminded people hopefully i will fit in around here and make a few new friends to boot

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    Hello Pierred - you'll find a better quality of ribbing and handbagging on here that the other place (plus all the pictures of dead stuff you could ever possibly need).

    How's that lovely Border Barrelled .222 shaping up?



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    Bienvenue notre site web Pierre!

    As Adam says, we do things slightly differently here



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    welcome to the site pierred some good lads on here just keep to the rules


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    Thanks for the warm welcome chaps as for the rules was not aware of some but i`m learning fast.
    Adam the .222 is just fine mate put together some good loads for it a very accurate rifle would probably suit Frasier when he`s ready as a first c/f,problem sorted with the .243 also after the excellent grouping in the morning at minsterley followed by could not keep 5 rounds on an A4 sheet of paper turned out to be a clipping mod

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