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Thread: Free Morning stalk for Roe

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    Free Morning stalk for Roe

    I have two free days this coming week and will be looking to take a few more does
    before i ease up on them for this year
    Monday Am i will take a novice out free of charge , i have a funeral midday but will
    do a Pm stalk as well , this would be more suitable for someone local
    Depending on results i might do Tuesday as well
    Anyone looking for some experience send me a PM

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    top man colin you are a credit to the sport chap



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    Brilliant great experience for someone hope they enjoy the time as much as I did
    well done Colin

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    Great offer Colin. i wish I could take you up on it but no chance for me to take the time off. Good luck to whoever you take with you, I am sure they will enjoy it.

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    Well done Colin fair play to ya mate.
    Galloway Deer Stalking

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    Stalks now taken guys

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    Very kind and considerate offer. I went on a similar stalk with charly at shavesgreen shooting, top man and top outfit but more importantly as a novice it was an experience i will NEVER FORGET!

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    What a gent' well done that man - great offer.


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