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Thread: n750 @ 100yards

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    n750 @ 100yards

    cant find anyone local with one, so help is needed
    looking to get n750 very soon and not sure what is needed to get the best preformance from the sight,
    intended use is rabbit control out to about 100y range on .17hmr
    will the scope alone do this or should i get an i/r add on ,will i need a lense kit???

    any input would be a gr8 help

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    Out to 100 you will probably find the N750 will do the job on its own with its built in IR. However I am sure the addition of a NightMaster IR 800 would make all the difference. I have a 750 and it works very well but when I added the 800 it made a huge difference.

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    just out of interest as i know sweet fa about night vision is it the more powerfull the IR the further you would be able to see regardless of the quality of the actual night vision unit or does it not work like that?

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    Night vision will work without IR but only to a limited degree, add IR and you have a much improved result. The better the IR the better and further you will see. The advantage the Nightmaster with an IR LED has over a Laser is that it will not burn the tube. The latest IR LEDs used in the Nightmaster seem to be out of animals range of IR vision.
    Since getting one of these |I have noticed that both fox and rabbit seem to largely ingnore it.

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    I use an N750 on a Browning T Bolt Hmr - it's fitted with a Gadsen Adaptor bought off E8ay & a Yukon 1.7x lens, I also use an NM800IR with 2x batteries & a pressure switch - it's awesome !! I shot 380 rabbits & 12 Foxes from September to December 31st
    The N750 has an onboard laser BUT it's very grainy due to the diffuser that's fitted (eye safe legislation) I've removed the diffuser from mine but much prefer the NM800IR is far superior.


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    so it prob will do it on its own, but the extras are worth getting
    may sound daft as i often do, is there any light at all given off by led/laser ir or is it like i think its out of the human sight range' there for completely dark other than through the scope ??
    thanks for the help so far

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    If you were to look directly into the IR led or IR Laser you would see a faint red glow - unless you had a 940mn Ir sorce but they don't throw very far - I can't think of any occasion when any Rabbits, Foxes or Deer I've seen have been spooked by the "Faint Red Glow"


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    +1 for the Nightmaster NM800IR on the N750

    The main benefit for me is the onboard laser IR of the N750 contains a filter to comply with USA eye safe regs, which can make it somewhat grainy at times, particularly during use when there is considerable ambient moisture in the air.

    The Nightmaster NM800IR, although not covert, has a wavelength of 850nm which is more covert than most IR lasers.

    It makes a massive difference in terms of performance,

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    ouch!!! that hurt the wallet.
    just ordered my new n750+nm800ir+lense kit=almost 1700 from scott country

    guess there was only 1 way to find out in the end .hope the weather stays dry for a while so i can use it and earn the money to pay for it lol

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