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Thread: 22 magnum,to moderate or not?

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    22 magnum,to moderate or not?

    I am just putting in for a 22 magnum for longer range bunnies and the odd closer fox.Question is do i bother with a moderator on this calibre.Is the reduced noise enough to warrant the extra expense and weight? .Even without a mod i would imagine it to be quiter than my 223 with one
    Would be grateful of other view on this.Thanks

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    You can imagine what you like, but the .22wmr without a mod is far louder than a .223 with one.
    Provided the barrel is not too short they moderate well, even a Sac gets the job done.


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    Mines moderated , try the hardy reflex rimfire mod from Riflecraft you won't look back !

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    my .222 is quieter than my .22WMR and they wear the same PES T12 mod

    definitely moderate IMO, even if it is a 30 SAK

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    I have a SAK on mine and works well and only 30 too I would moderate.

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    I have put in for moderated on ticket so can play around .I do have a sak on my 22lr so could give it a try

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